November 15, 2012

Plumbing: mastered.

Let me just preface this by saying it is not a tutorial. We are not plumbers. But we ARE willing to get our hands dirty. And we're too cheap to call a real plumber.

So, today...I am grateful for YouTube, and for friends who know a thing or two about houses!

We knew that one of the things that we were going to need to fix after moving into our house was a bathroom faucet that just wouldn't turn on. It let out a very weak, small stream of water but nothing past that. It also dripped unceasingly. After getting some instructions from a contractor friend and pulling up how-to plumbing videos on youtube, we were feeling pretty professional.

Our first problem was quickly discovered: the picture below shows what we discovered when we took the screen off of the sink!! This baby popped out. Seriously?? How does that happen?

We had the water running at a normal volume then, but the drip persisted. And I was ready to get rid of that ugly faucet anyway. So we pushed on!

Replacing the faucet was a little scary. Plumbing is serious business and you do NOT want to make things worse! But it turned out to be a pretty straight-forward process in the end, as much as I fretted at my husband throughout :) At one point I was fussing at him and asking if he had actually READ the directions in the box...then proceeded to look over them again and realized the directions were just pictures!! Seriously, I need a little more detail in my life. Thank you YouTube, for showing me the way. (Helpful videos here and here)

We actually had to take out and replace this pipe underneath, which was maybe the scariest part. But hey, we did and I bet you can too!

Old pipes

New pipes!

Below, the old and new faucet. So far there isn't a single drip!

Old faucet

New faucet!

It really wasn't so bad, just make sure that you have the tools that you need, youtube on standby, and preferably a partner in crime.

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