November 14, 2012

Exercise ADD

Today I am grateful for a healthy body that lets me run, and jump, and play!

I really do enjoy exercising! But I wonder if I am the only one with exercise ADD. I can get really into it...for a couple of months maybe. Then I'm just done! I usually get completely off of exercising for a week or a few, and then restart, usually with something completely different. One week I LOVE getting up at 5 to go hop on the elliptical before work..then one day I can't do it. Then a week later I'm doing p90x at night. I guess I just crave variety. This can be a problem when you have to commit to a year of gym membership.

In the last two years I have gone from gym attendance, to swimming, to p90x, to running outside, back to the gym, to zumba, to the gym I'm in a next-to-no exercise phase, trying to get back into yoga (haven't done much of it since college). And I'm thinking about possibly maybe training for another half marathon. I did my first one a couple of years ago...and I feel like my body and mind have been able to forget the experience enough to let me do another one. If I can focus on running for long enough.

That's me! Second from the left. 
Nothing feels as bad and as good at the same time as finishing a long run. Plus, I firmly believe that nothing will give you the body you're looking for better than running will. Just make sure you've got the right shoes.

I've got a competitive spirit, and working towards something like this helps me! If I am playing a sport, or racing, or if I can somehow convince myself that I am competing against myself...I can go on longer. 

For those of you who are consistent exercisers, what motivates you to keep going? 

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