December 13, 2012

Holidays in the office

I'm taking a little break from the music tonight to share something that I'm grateful for at my job: FUN! And holiday decorating.
I have a wonderful group of co-workers. If I didn't, I'm not sure that I could do the job that I do. Social work jobs can be tough, and draining, and if I'm really being honest they can be a little thankless and can breed cynicism sometimes. On the other hand, they can also be incredibly rewarding and compassion-building and just incredibly important. Sometimes though, on the tough days, on days when you get bad news, or can't seem to help, or maybe it's the day AFTER you had meetings with 20 different people and you have an unshakeable feeling of dread at the amount of documentation you are going to have to do today (anyone in any field that has to document encounters with clients will understand that)'s just nice to focus your attention on something that is the complete opposite of serious. Like, tracing and cutting stars out of construction paper. 
So, it's not Martha Stewart. Whatever. It's also not even really holiday looking, except Santa flying over the earth! (we have a theme contest each year, and this year was "memorable moments in history". Ours was landing on the moon...hence our astronaut below). But it still makes me smile to walk into the office to see stars covering the windows, walls, and ceiling, our whimsical rocket and muscular-looking astronaut. It's just fun! And the kids love it.
This is our makeshift astronaut, planting his American flag. The picture by his head was actually made by a consumer in our office, isn't it cool? Not sure what's going on...maybe it's the astronaut's view from the moon? His thought bubble? Whatever. It's an a pretty sweet looking picture, and he made it with spraypaint!
It doesn't matter what the decorations are. It doesn't matter if it's decorations or something else. What is important is to recognize that it is so much more than okay to take time to just do fun and silly things. At home. At work. By yourself or with your family or friends or even strangers. It's good for your health.
Today I'm grateful for holidays and friends and fun and getting excited about stuff like construction paper decorations. I'm grateful for a fun, happy, caring group of coworkers who teach me every day to find solutions, love people, and not take myself too seriously.
Really, don't take yourself too seriously.

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