November 18, 2012


Who doesn't love a good thrift store find? I'm grateful to be able to get a good deal, be creative, and find new inspiration for our home!

Check out these sweet Goodwill finds from yesterday:

First, this awesome lantern!! It's a little dirty, but I love it. Haven't decided where it is going to go...front step? Kitchen?

I even found a Christmas-y candle to go with it:

Goodwill now has all of their Christmas stock out on the shelves, meaning it is a GREAT time to find wreaths that can be rejuvenated. I had to control the urge to buy a bunch of them up. For just a couple of bucks, you can find some nice wreath forms, even if you have to toss out the is still a steal! Our local store had artificial pine wreaths (metal forms), straw, grapevine wreaths...endless possibilities. 

I ended up picking up this baby. That light pink crepe paper bow might scare others away, but I see the potential in this awesome form!

I also found this, a wreath turned centerpiece/candle holder. How cool is that? And it came at the perfect time...I just recently, for free, got a bunch of scented pine cones and had nowhere to put them.

This one is making it hard for me to resist pulling out the Christmas box. But, I can wait one more week. I still love you, Thanksgiving.

These will surely be popping up in later posts as they get cleaned up and find their place around the house! What are some favorite things that you have thrifted?

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  1. I love that lantern! You are so lucky! I never find anything good at our Goodwill. I guess I need to go shopping with you! And the crepe paper bow- ahhh... I remember those days. haha! Can't wait to see the "final" result!