November 10, 2012

Crossing the Threshold

This is our new house! We bought it. We are home owners. This is what I'm grateful for today.

My husband and I are both in school full-time, and paying for it out of our own pockets on my social work salary, and his part-time bank teller pay. We're pretty good at living frugally and making careful choices with our money, but even so I would never have imagined that we would be in a position to BUY a house this year! It is a huge blessing and something that we were so excited to do.

After carefully reviewing our savings, our normal (meager) monthly budget, and all of the information that is out there about the housing market and those LOW mortgage rates, we felt like it was our time. (Now, we're just crossing our fingers that it's the housing market's time to swing back and kick up the value of our awesome new house!). And you know what? It wasn't that hard! I'm grateful to live in the days of Zillow and Trulia, and I'm grateful that we had a realtor who was SO helpful and willing to work with us on our schedules, and answer all of our questions.

Also, there really aren't THAT many pieces of paper to sign. You can do it.

We closed on October 25th, and even though we weren't moving in for a couple more days, you better believe we drove straight to our empty new home, celebratory lunch in hand. My dear husband was insistent that he had to "carry me over the threshold" and he did. Traditions are fun.

I'm going to be honest, I don't even really think that's a new home much as a getting married tradition. But whatever.

...yeah I checked. Did you know that in different cultural traditions, carrying a new bride over the threshold of the home is all about the woman being "stolen away", or not wanting to look too eager about her wedding night, or even avoiding evil spirits that might sneak in the soles of her feet or curse her with bad luck if she trips over the doorway? Everybody knows that evil spirits are especially fond of entryways, and women's feet. Obvs. You can read about it here. "Carrying the bride both enables easy kidnapping and foils evil spirits. It's a winning combination." I love it.

So anyway. There isn't much to this post, I just wanted to show off our house. I guess I'll leave you with a big WELCOME to our new blog! Hope you'll follow along with us!

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